Ministry Update – Shootin’ Stuff (besides videos)

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What’s New?
Here are some other highlights from what I’ve been working on.

  • Board Meeting: Our HQ staff enjoyed hosting our board meeting this month. It was a busy week for me, as I handled the media for the meeting (slides, videos, videoconferencing, etc.) and presented recent advancements with our social media and website tools to the group. I was energized by the board members’ passion for reaching the lost and making strategic moves to recruit younger believers to join us on mission. Their affirmation of my work over the past year made me feel highly-valued, which was especially encouraging.
  • Web Dev: This month, I rolled out new changes to our site to make the giving process easier for donors supporting project participants and staff members. I also created our 2018 project pages. Go check out the schedule and decide where you’re going next year!
  • Fundraising: Good news – we’re back to full funding for the rest of 2017! That means I can spend less time out of the office developing new partnerships and more time taking I.C.’s storytelling and online engagement to the next level. It also helps our family reach out to neighbors and continue building relationships in our community. We’re still working on meeting our budget with monthly partners for long-term sustainability, so If you know someone who might be interested in joining our Great Commission work, we’d love an introduction.

What’s Next?

  • Trip: I leave for a project in Ghana next week! The coordinator, Lon, reports that the local churches are well-prepared and have been covering friends and family in prayer for months in preparation for sharing the gospel during the project. Pray for a big harvest, great footage, good weather, and smooth travel. I can’t wait to share stories and images when I get back!
  • Missions Conference: We’ll be in Nashville next month for the Conduit missions conference. We’re excited to see some of you there.


Family Ministry

  • Adoption: Our homestudy is approved, everything seems to be in order, and now we’re just waiting for the baby! If you want to pitch in to support the adoption, go buy a T-shirt or give online.

Thanks for reading! We appreciate (and depend upon) your prayers. Let us know how we can be praying for you. Blessings!


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