Ministry Update – Happy Birthmonth


Some of our HQ staff met with pastors from around Denton County and shared about IC’s ministry during a Baptist Association luncheon this month. We had amazing brisket, of course.

What’s New?
Here are some highlights from what I’ve been working on.

  • Project page updates: As we continue to add new international projects to the schedule, I’ve been creating and editing our project pages to connect and mobilize ordinary believers to our mission opportunities.
  • Fundraising Pages: It’s been exciting to see project participants start using their fundraising pages to tell friends and family about their mission trip and raise support to help them go. I’ve loved reading the comments from their supporters who understand that they’re truly joining them on mission through their gifts. Staff members also have pages for ministry support where partners can send special gifts or set up recurring gifts. Here’s mine!
  • MPD Networking:  Back in the networking game to find new goers and givers, I’ve discovered a couple of fantastic groups which meet weekly. I’ve been attending those when I can and I’ve been getting a lot of one-on-one meetings. This is a goldmine for new connections, referrals, and evangelism opportunities! Thanks for praying for growth in my ministry partner development. Please continue praying for the Lord to lead me to the folks He wants on our support team.

What’s Next?

  • Trip: I’m flying to Cuba next week and unfortunately I can’t tell you much about it until I return, but I’m super excited! Please pray we’ll see a bountiful harvest and I’ll capture moving stories.
  • Celebrations: Our celebration dinner in Houston is coming up on March 25. I’m working on media elements for the presentation and will travel with some of our staff to put on the event.


Family Ministry

  • Corinthians: Our staff member Aletha and her husband Steve lead a chapel service at Corinthians Retirement Community in Dallas, and I was invited to fill in for Steve one week while he was out with an injury. The girls came along to minister in their own way by bringing extra smiles and joy to the residents. They’re good at that. And I think they liked it; they asked to go back sometime. (Do pray for Steve as he recovers; he stepped through a hole in the attic and is overcoming soreness.)
  • Birthdays: Any reason is a good reason to come visit us. But when several family members have birthdays in January and February, it’s especially appropriate to get together for a big birthday bash! We loved hosting Kim’s parents along with Carrie and Jordan (friends since college, former housemates, and grafted-in aunt and uncle) for a weekend of celebration. And allergies. Oh well. Happy birthmonth to Ella, me, Mom, Evie, Jordan, and Kim!


Our ministry partner teammate Gloria returned to Nepal this month on an I.C. project! The mission team reported 785 decisions for Christ, and the local churches are following up.

Gloria reconnected with old friends, saw some baby goats and bunnies, and I’m sure she shared Jesus with a lot of people, too. 🙂
Stay tuned for stories from that trip…

We’re thankful to have you in our corner praying for us. Do consider joining me on a project to Papua New Guinea in July!

Blessings to you and your family!


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