Ministry Update – January 2017

Change is the only constant in so many aspects of life, and along with a new year came a few such changes for International Commission. Our organization’s president was called away, but after an encouraging time during our staff retreat, morale and zeal for the mission are high.

IC Staff

Our multi-ethnic, multi-national staff enjoyed a week of worshiping, training, sharing meals, praying, and spurring one another on to love and good works.

Other changes included further advancements in technology for our team. At the retreat, I had the pleasure of introducing new sections of our website, profile pages for each of our international projects, and our fundraising pages for staff and trip participants. These new tools will help us better equip and enable our partners to go with us and make disciples around the globe. Staff members are excited about them (albeit a bit understandably intimidated by the learning curve) and we’re seeing results already. The first participant to create a fundraising page brought in over $1,550 in 4 days to help cover the cost of his trip!

What’s New?
Here are some highlights from what I’ve been working on.

  • Project pages: you can find (and share!) the pages for our international projects on the schedule. That’s where you can learn about, support, or apply to go on particular projects. It’s also where participants can set up their own fundraising pages.
  • Staff profiles: Now each of our staff members who raise support through ministry partnership can build a profile page to share about their work, write updates, and receive gifts. Here’s mine!  If you’ve thought about investing as a monthly financial partner, this is the new place to set that up.
  • Giving form: along with our new fundraising platform comes a new general gift form for the site. It’s now nicer, mobile-responsive, social, and has dedication and recurring gift functionality. I’ll be adding more improvements in the near future.
  • Social media growth: our online reach and engagement continues to grow, which means more people are hearing about our stories and missions opportunities. You can help us send more workers to the harvest by following and sharing what God’s doing through IC all around the world on our social media profiles. You can find links to them above the footer on our site.

Juan is our VP for Latin America, and he’s a talented guy with a cool story. I think. I heard it in Spanish, and I’m still working on my Spanish 😉

What’s Next?

  • Trip: I’m slated to join our Cuba team in March as a documentarian and evangelist. IC has been working in Cuba for years, but the newly-opened doors are a tremendous opportunity for the spread of the gospel and I’m excited to experience and promote it.
  • Resources: Juan (VP for Latin America) is leading a retreat in Venezuela next month for the Latin American project leaders, so I’ve been working on some media resources for that event. I also got to interview him while he was at the office, so stay tuned for that.
  • Ministry Partner Development: I’m doing some networking in the DFW area to invite new partners to join our support team. Beyond wanting more people to hear about the Lord’s work and join us on mission, my family has a significant budget gap to close. As always, we remain amazed at how faithful He is to provide for us and we have some buffer for a while. But please join us in praying for the Lord to lead me to the folks He wants on our team. At this point, I’m networking to find new people to invite, so personal referrals/introductions are the most helpful. If you know anyone who you think would be interested in hearing about my work with IC, please consider connecting us.

Family Ministry

  • We continue to get more involved with our church. Our small group is growing together, Kim is getting to know some of the women, the girls are making friends, I’ve stayed involved with a men’s Bible study group and have started making videos for the church, and the staff adopted us as a supported ministry!
  • For Ella’s birthday, the girls enlisted their friends at the library in a project assembling coloring kits for kids in the hospital.


Would you believe me if I said a Brooklyn Jew who’s the fastest reader in the world invited me to be a guest on his TV show on a Christian network to talk about my ministry? Well, it’s true. When I spoke with Howard Berg about ministry partnership, he said, “I’m not the best prospect for partnership with a Christian ministry since I’m Jewish, but I do have a TV show that airs on a Christian network and I’ll interview you!”

Before the taping at the studio, Howard and I had an in-depth conversation about Jesus from a Jewish perspective. It was enlightening for me and he said it “filled in some gaps” for him. Please pray that our friendship continues (he invited me to return to the show in the future) and that we get further such opportunities to discuss the gospel.

We’re so grateful for your continued prayers. Without those, we couldn’t do this. Please let me know how my family and I can be praying for you.

Blessings to you and your family!


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