What a year!


Well, 2016 was a pretty big adventure for our family. Here are the major points:
– We raised support to start full-time ministry (love you, partners!)
– I baptized my oldest daughter and my nephew.
– We sold our first house.
– I was ordained for gospel ministry by Conduit Church.
– Kim and I celebrated our 10th anniversary!
– We moved to Texas and found our new house on our first day in town.
– We bought said house, while living in a hotel for a month.
– I started my new role at International Commission, sharing the gospel around the globe and using media to mobilize missionaries and tell stories of what God is doing.
– We joined a new church.
– I went on mission to Ukraine.
– We hosted our first Christmas party for our new neighborhood.
We’ve had a lot of life change and it has been a challenge, but it has also been a joy; God has continued to show Himself faithful every day. We can tell you from His own Word and from personal experience that He is good on His promises. He’s never failed us and He won’t start now. We’re looking forward to 2017 with hopeful expectation and joy in our hearts to be called His servants, His children, and His friends!

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