Ministry Update – Getting the Word Out

pablo (9)… shouted 20-year-old Lota as she ran to her neighbors after hearing the gospel from C.B. on an International Commission project in Bangladesh. Many more did come and some accepted salvation. C.B. reports that 83 people believed that week. 


It’s an amazing blessing that hearing and telling stories like that is part of my new routine. God is working through churches all over the world in ways reminiscent of the Book of Acts, and thanks to our ministry partners, I’m giving Him glory and helping to mobilize more workers for that harvest.

What’s New?

  • Web development: I.C.’s new site design will deploy in July. I’m excited about transforming it from an informational “brochure” into more of a toolset. The online project participant application I implemented last week is already being used! Pray that this will help more young adults and their churches to get involved.
  • Storytelling:
    • I’m developing systems for content curation in cooperation with our staff, including a new Dropbox setup for gathering pictures and video from projects.
    • I’m planning production for testimonial and documentary-style videos to share stories from churches and staff.
    • Our social media channels are up and running. Follow and share what the Lord is doing through I.C. and our partners on Instagram, FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn. Here’s one recent update:


Praise God for the salvations last month in the Democratic Republic of the Congo! He miraculously worked out peace during the week of the project among the warring tribes in the area. Fifty-two former cult members were among those saved.

What’s Next?

  • Training: This week, I’m joining other leadership staff at a Support Raising Solutions Bootcamp seminar.
  • Trip: I’m prayerfully considering where my first international trip this year will be. I’ll be evangelizing along with the team and capturing stories. Please look at the list and join me in praying about where to go. And pray about going yourself!

Family News
International Commission is my full-time ministry assignment, but you know my family is on mission in our local community, too. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

  • We closed on the new house and moved in! Thanks again for praying for our home-buying journey. We had to navigate some turbulence with negotiation, underwriting, and closing, but it all worked out just fine and we’re very glad that season of homelessness is over.
  • We’ve started meeting our neighbors, all of whom have been very nice so far. Pray that we’ll quickly build meaningful relationships.
  • Ella & Evie attended VBS at a church down the street and they loved it. Ella also learned about creative arts in worship at a skills camp at another church we’ve been visiting. Pray that we’ll soon discern which church to join.
  • We harvested our first cucumbers and peppers from the existing garden in our backyard!  We plan on planting more to eat from it as much as we can and to bless friends and neighbors with the extra. But we kill things. So pray that it continues to be fruitful.
  • We all volunteered at a World Refugee Day event in Dallas to welcome and celebrate newly naturalized citizens and their families. We met people from all over the world, including a very inspiring young student from Nepal. I got the opportunity to share a bit of my testimony with him and how God used Nepal to call me to full-time ministry with I.C. Here’s a bit of his story:


Anwesh didn’t speak English and had never used a computer when he left Nepal a few years ago. Now he’s a programmer and app developer who speaks three languages, codes in four, and is headed to college for computer engineering. His dream is to “be even better” than his hero Steve Jobs and to improve cell infrastructure in Nepal.


The gifts, prayers, encouragement, and support from our ministry partners have already been abundantly fruitful in my family’s life and around the world. If you have any prayer needs, please do send them along. Blessings to you and your family!


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