Ministry Update – On the Road Again (and Again and Again)


We’ve spent the better part of April on the road and scattered around the country as we’ve been visiting family, wrapping up partnership development, and getting things rolling in Texas. Here are some highlights:

  • Travel: Kim and the girls spent most of April at her parents’ new house in Springfield, Missouri (yes, she drove with all three kids). I stopped through for a couple of days in the middle of the month on my way to Texas and they finally joined me here on the 23rd. I figured she deserves a trophy for solo parenting all that time, so I had one made at a local engraving shop here in Lewisville (God bless all of you full-time single parents. You are special people.)  Until we find a house, we’re staying in a secret missionary safehouse about 30 miles from the International Commission office. OK, it’s really just an apartment above a small office building owned by a ministry partner of the organization, but you’d never know it was there.
  • Old friends: I’ve had the joy of reconnecting with old friends from various stages of life here in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex (which is a thing they say here) and telling them about the ministry. I’ve caught up with friends from college, from Nashville, and from camp staffs I served with over a decade ago (Fuge family forever!)
  • New friends:  I’ve also been networking to find new friends and ministry partners, of course. Introverts would cringe at the number of strangers I’ve talked to and met with this month. But I consider it a privilege that meeting new people is a part of the mission, and God has brought such opportunities along in unique ways. I’ve found new contacts through participating in networking events, attending social media seminars, going to Bible studies, and joining meetup groups for homeless ministry. That one was my favorite; I got a jump start on serving the new city I’ll call home, which I think is a great way to fall in love with it and its people. It’s also a great way to find others who care about mission work both at home and abroad. We’ve also been visiting churches in the area as a family.
  • Finishing/Starting: We’ve only got about $500 /month left to go to our goal! As we’re wrapping up that initial fundraising, I’ve started working on the website redesign, social media strategy, and various other projects between appointments. I’ve loved being able to join the staff for the morning devotional and prayer time. Do you know that we pray for International Mission Board, North American Mission Board, and fellow International Commission missionaries by name every day? I’ve also enjoyed overhearing the different languages spoken at the office. I’ve been trying to learn Spanish and I’m hoping that hearing it every day will help me pick it up more easily.

What’s Next? (Some of this was in the previous update, but hasn’t happened yet)

We’ll travel back to Tennessee this weekend (with a stop in Little Rock to see friends who hosted us during Evie’s adoption) for

  • Ordination/Baptism: Conduit Church will ordain me during the 10:30 service on May 1st, during which I’ll also get to baptize my nephew, Hunter!
  • Closing: Next week, we’ll get the rest of our stuff out of the house and close on the sale.
  • Moving stuff: The following week (of the 9th), we’ll load it all from storage into a truck and head back to Texas to unload from said truck to  new storage where it’ll live until we find a new place.
  • See You Laters: Meanwhile, of course, we’ll see as many of you as we can for bittersweet “see you laters”.

Thank you so very much for your prayers, support, and partnership! We appreciate you greatly and have been praying for you. If you have any new prayer requests, please send them along


One thought on “Ministry Update – On the Road Again (and Again and Again)

  1. Wow Kim and Bucky!!! Y’all have been BUSY! So excited for this adventure of faith you’re on. I’ll be sure to keep reading your updates. (You sure can write Bucky!! Want to do our Mission X / MXTV newsletters?! Lol!)
    Please give us a holler while you’re back in TN. We’d love to have you over for a meal or meet you for a quick coffee if you’re low on time.
    Praying for all of you!
    Edye Bisagno

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