Ministry Update – L’chaim!


We’ve had an eventful March filled with meetings for partner development, a garage sale, and celebrations of life, new life, and freedom. Here are some highlights:

  • Meetings: As I continue to meet with friends and former co-workers, I’ve also been networking at events for local Christian businesspeople and CEOs, e.g. Tennessee Christian Chamber of Commerce, Christian Business Leaders Roundtable, and the Faith in Film Breakfast Club. These groups are great places to find people who see their businesses as Kingdom assets and ministry opportunities. It’s been encouraging to meet with some of them, and several have been willing to help me by partnering or referring me to others.
  • Garage Sale: Thanks to dear friends and partners Nathan and Charity Long for hosting our garage sale this month. They stored a lot of our stuff for a few weeks and helped out tremendously as we turned it into cash. We’re sincerely entertaining the idea of further simplifying and downsizing when we purchase our next home in Texas.
  • Bibles: I had the privilege of delivering 33 Spanish Bibles to our partners Dave and Whitney for their mission trip to Honduras in March. The Bibles were donated by LifeWay and another partner, David Elliott (my dad!).
  • Holy Week: on Palm Sunday, we attended a family prayer service with my parents at their church and it was a sweet time. Our oldest daughter Ella was really into the event and has been asking a lot of questions about Jesus and salvation over the past several weeks. The Lord has been pursuing her little heart, and that Monday she accepted His gift of salvation! We’re absolutely thrilled — and what an amazing time for that to happen! On Tuesday, I helped to lead a Messianic Passover seder which has been an annual tradition of our family for several years. On Thursday, we had a little Purim party at home with our princesses wherein we celebrated our God who uses ordinary people for His big purposes. The next day, we headed to Fall Creek Falls for a weekend with extended family celebrating life; four birthdays, Springtime, Ella’s rebirth, and Christ’s resurrection!
  • Baptism: It was an amazing blessing to “bathtize” my firstborn on Easter weekend with family around at a beautiful place like Fall Creek Falls State Park. Both Ella Jane and I felt more alive after the experience — that water was cold! In this age of digital media, testimonies can be shared more publicly than ever before. So I present to you, with great joy, my daughter’s proclamation of faith and baptism:


What’s Next?

  • House Sale: We’re very pleased to announce that our house is under contract and we were very happy with the final offer! Thanks to the Lord for providing for us so well. Closing is set for May 6.


  • Travel: In the meantime, Kim and the girls are staying with her parents in Missouri for a few weeks in April. After an International Commission celebration dinner in Cookeville next week, I’ll head to Texas to touch base with the IC office and finish up ministry partner development (we’ve got about $1,200 /month to go to meet our budget goal).


  • Ordination: When we’re back in town for closing, I’ll be ordained for ministry at Conduit Church (slated for May 1st). If you’re in Middle Tennessee, that’ll be the week to say “see you later.”

TN to TX

As always, please pray for the Lord to direct me to the folks he’s leading to become ministry partners. And if you know someone else who can give and would like to hear about church-based partnership evangelism projects, please let me know. Especially if they’re in the DFW area.

Thanks again to all our ministry partners and prayer warriors. We’re truly on this ride together and we’re glad to have you in our corner. My family prays for you daily.

L’chaim (to life)!


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