Movin’ On Up(stairs)


With apologies to my fellow Millennials for perpetuating the stereotype, I live with my parents again! But we moved into the generously-prepared upper level of their house on purpose; it’s going to be so much easier to show our house without shuffling in and out with three kids while trying to make it look like we don’t live there (that was getting exhausting). So now, we actually don’t live there.

That’s right: this weekend we moved our stuff into storage and said goodbye to the first house we’ve ever owned. And that’s really weird. We have lots of memories in that place, like bringing two new daughters home, building relationships with neighbors, living with housemates, hosting community group meetings, discussing the Bible with Mormons, celebrating holidays and birthdays, enjoying family visits, and working through life issues with dear friends. It’s strange to imagine another family living in the house built for ours, but we pray it’ll be just as much of a blessing to them as it was to us.

Having made the next big step in our journey, the only remaining hurdle to starting my ministry at International Commission is the final $1,640 in monthly commitments from new ministry partners. Thanks again to all the financial and prayer partners who are on board so far. Your investments are vital in making this thing happen, and we’re almost there! As I continue meeting and sharing stories with amazing people, please keep praying that the Lord connects me with those whom He’s leading to join the team.

After hearing a mission report this Sunday from friends who recently got to share the gospel with unreached people in north Africa, I’m chomping at the bit to get started in my mission! God is at work in miraculous ways all around the world, y’all, and we don’t have to miss out on it. If I haven’t met with you yet, I’d love to tell you how you can be involved. And as always, if you know someone else who’d like to hear about church-based partnership evangelism projects, please let me know.





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