Financial Peace and Freedom

Would you have peace if you suddenly lost your job?

If God called you to full-time ministry, would you be able to obey without reservation?

What if you lost your job and God called you to full-time ministry wherein you had to raise all your support and move away?

How quickly would you say yes? How quickly could you say yes? 

Hopefully, you’d have the faith to respond without hesitation regardless of your situation (otherwise it’s not really faith, is it?). But would you practically have — and feel — the freedom to do it? 

Do you have any financial or material hurdles that would hinder you from dropping your nets and following Jesus wherever He wants you to go?

I’ve often thought about these questions and have purposed to structure my family’s budget and lifestyle accordingly, but my answers were tested a few months ago when these very things happened in my life. I’m pleased to say that because God prepared us — all credit and glory to Him alone — we were able to answer with an emphatic “YES!”

And He has been preparing us in so many ways over the years that I can only begin to highlight one of them in this particular post; how God used Financial Peace University to bring us financial freedom and to align our budget with our desire to be wise and effective stewards of the Kingdom resources He’s entrusted to us. We had the opportunity to share that story on Sunday with our church via video, so I wanted to share it here as well:

(Full and honest disclosure: our “YES!” was soon followed by our realization of its practical consequences, a sense of “what have we gotten ourselves into?”, the sacrifice of rebellious attitudes and fleshly idols screaming for survival, and the beginning of a journey into challenging and unknown territories. But it was also followed by a peace that passes understanding, profound joy and excitement, and the resolution that such a response to such a King is only reasonable.)


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