Ministry Update – January 2016


Profound thanks to all the partners and co-laborers who have jumped on board so far to support my family’s new ministry! You’ll be instrumental parts of the amazing stories of gospel transformation throughout the nations that I’ll be able to experience and tell in my new role at International Commission. And of course, you’ll get a front row seat to see Jesus save and change lives if you join us on trips in the future.

Here’s what we’ve been up to so far:
  • Visiting the IC headquarters in Lewisville, Texas to meet the office staff and some of our international area leaders, get some ministry partnership development (MPD) training, create customized resources for my MPD, strategize about media and communications, eat lots of barbecue and tacos, and enjoy a screening of The Masked Saint and chat with the producer and star (you never know what’ll happen at the office). Kim, Maisy, and I also drove around to check out houses and visit IKEA to begin dreaming and scheming for our move.
  • Attending a celebration dinner at LifeWay HQ for an IC missionary who lives in TN and works in South Asia and the Caribbean. There, we enjoyed an excellent meal, learned more about IC’s work among people groups in those areas of the world, and chatted with ministry partners, friends, former co-workers, mission trip mates, my dad, and the producer and star of The Masked Saint. I am not making that up. Small world.
  • Participating in IC’s staff retreat in Cedar Hill, Texas (just me this time), where I met more of our international staff, received training on IC databases, taught a session on photo/video storytelling, greatly enjoyed a storytelling training developed by Wycliffe and presented to us by an IMB missionary, stayed up to late hearing and telling ministry stories, and ate way too much amazing food.
  • MPD: Contacting and meeting with people to invite them to be involved in our ministry. So far this has looked like lots of phone calls, lunches, coffees, game nights, office visits, and the like. The reality is we have to get enough partners on board with monthly commitments to be fully-funded before we can move out to Texas for me to officially start my Media Director position on the IC staff. So this is basically my full-time job until we reach that goal.
  • Packing, purging, and preparing our house for selling and moving. And enlisting friends to help, of course 🙂
Here’s what we need most right now:
  • Partners who will join us in ministry by committing to monthly gifts.
  • Enough of those partners on board to cover our budget of $4,000 per month. We’re about a quarter of the way there.
  • Meetings with people — friends, strangers, churches, business owners, whomever — we can talk to about our mission.
  • Prayers for favor; both for partnership development and for the sale of our house.

If you know of a church, small group, or club where I can speak (I can give a 5-minute spiel if time is a concern), a person or business who’d be interested in hearing about and investing in our ministry, or if you’d like to hear more about partnership and I haven’t connected with you yet, please let me know.

Thanks again to the partners who have given and made commitments so far. You’re a vital part of sending workers to the harvest to go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole creation. Know that your investments will be used miraculously to bring untold thousands of new brothers and sisters into the Kingdom this year, that you can look forward to hearing stories of what your gifts accomplish, that the Lord promises blessings for your generosity, and that you’ll enjoy the rewards of what you’re sowing now for eternity where moth and rust cannot destroy. Investing doesn’t get more secure than that.


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