Look: Up in the Sky!


My previous post was called, “Up, Up, and Away” and I’ve been on twelve flights since then. Honestly, I didn’t know this update would follow that one so well. I told you that I believe God was kicking me out of the nest to pursue new adventures, that He used my time at LifeWay to develop my skills and talents, that He’s never surprised me with anything other than bigger and better, and that my new chapter wouldn’t just be a job change but a whole new world. I said that following God sometimes means actually going somewhere. I stated that we live in a new Gutenberg moment as Christians, having every means to share the Word of God with the entire World in increasingly innovative ways.

And I didn’t know just how relevant all that would be to what I’m about to tell you:

God has called my family to full-time ministry with a missions organization called International Commission, where I’ll serve as their media director. No, I’m serious!

One of the great privileges I had at LifeWay was the opportunity to participate in mission trips each year. It was on an evangelistic project in South Asia in 2013 that I was introduced to International Commission. I loved IC’s focus on prayer, evangelism, and local churches. On that life-changing trip, I shared the gospel with people who had never heard the name of Jesus and saw them immediately connected to a church. Soon after that trip, a close friend from college told me his father-in-law – who I knew as a church pastor from my college town – was called as the new president of IC. I couldn’t make this up! When God drew me from my career into full-time missions, it became obvious that He’d been weaving this all together behind the scenes and preparing me to work with IC all along. The gifts, talents, experience, and skills He gave me will be used to introduce more people to Christ and to tell stories of what He’s doing through church-to-church partnerships worldwide. I’m not kidding!


International Commission is headquartered in Lewisville, Texas. This means that – sit down for this – we’ll be moving sometime early next year. You’re not allowed to be mad at us because it’s God’s idea. But you may be sad at us (© Darren Tyler, but I’m stealing it).

As my family prepares for this adventurous life change, we have the privilege of trusting God to develop our team of Great Commission partners who will join us in ministry to make the work possible. And hopefully I’ll get to drag some of them along with me to the ends of the earth to share the gospel. Let’s win some souls, y’all.

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