Abraham’s Faith in the Akedah

Akedah - Rembrandt, 1635

Haven’t caught this before in the Akedah. I always thought the significance of Abraham’s faith was that his trust in God was greater than the grief he’d feel from losing his son – and having to kill him personally. But…

Before Abraham takes Isaac and the wood up to the mountain, he tells his men (in Genesis 22:5) that “the boy and I will go over there to worship; then WE’LL come back to you.

God had promised that Abraham’s seed would be traced through Isaac. Did he believe that God would raise Isaac from the dead? Or did he bank on God providing a lamb, as he tells Isaac in verse 8?

There’s no doubt that he trusted God either way, but I’ve never pondered the fact that he expected to leave with his son alive.

To me it seems that he was indeed trusting for God to provide a lamb – but he raised the knife to kill his son anyway. What an amazing display of obedience.



3 thoughts on “Abraham’s Faith in the Akedah

  1. Hebrews 11:9 Accounting that God was able to raise him up, even from the dead; from which also he received him.
    He really did think God could raise him from the dead if that was what had to happen. But that someway he was walking back down that mountain with his son in tow. It was impossible. But he had faith in God to do even the impossible

    A faith that was built… Partly I suspect on the fact that years before he sent Ishmael (for whim he also had a promise) off into the desert with no provisions. And he didn’t die. Gods promise fulfilled there. Building Abrahams faith muscles for what was to come. It really is a fascinating picture of God

  2. Good word bro and good thoughts. And what a picture of how we must live. So I am thinking in terms of what does this practically mean for us. God has a plan and He tells it to us (example: I am gonna make you a Father of many nations). Our tendency is to scramble to make the plan happen and we do what we think best (aka Ishmael). Then God by a miracle births an Isaac to be His fulfillment not Ishmael. Ishmael is not good enough. So then He takes Isaac and Abraham knows this is the child born by the miracle of God. And God sets out to prove that what He started He will perpetuate, not Abraham. So Abraham has known God and now considers His best ideas for fulfillment of God’s plan as not being better than obeying God’s command. He accepts that His own son is to be killed and resurrected. He thinks He would rather believe God than his own reasoning. He actually sees God as Lord over Him. Abraham was a living dead man. His own will for His son’s life is superceeded by God’s will for His son’s life.
    So I ask myself, do I see Christ as Lord to the extent that I would rather die than to resist His spirit with my good ideas.
    Also do I know the plan of God ( whether it be that I would no longer sin or that I would help the poor) and do I try to Ishmael it. Do I conceive a very reasonable plan, and try to fulfill God’s will, or do I Isaac it and consider my best ideas foolishness compared to trusting the Lord to fulfill it, like a surrendered Abraham trusts his God for resurrection. Do I have that high view of God. I pray the Holy Spirit brings it to us.

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