Super Speed Score!

I’m pretty excited. I picked up this 1958 Gillette Red Tip (Heavy) Super Speed razor at a yard sale last week for $4. I’m not a collector, but I do have an appreciation for vintage manly things and thought it might be worth something.

I later identified it online and went to eBay, where I saw that they’re going for as much as $80 – sweet! Then I read some rave reviews. Many of the gents on this forum say it’s the best razor Gillette ever made. Um … I think I’m keeping this one. What a find!

BONUS: I also found this commercial for the Super Speed line from the ’50s


One thought on “Super Speed Score!

  1. Nice!

    “A boy has more self respect when he’s clean shaved.”

    $1.29? Dang, they were expensive 60 years ago too! 🙂

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