Curses, Comcast!

So here’s the deal:

I’m currently paying $29.95 per month for Digital Economy cable television (this is a downgrade from a previous promotion with Digital Starter at the same price).

I’m also paying $19.99 + $5 for a modem rental per month for “up to 12mb” broadband Internet (their lowest promotional price).  My monthly bill looks like this:

Kimmie and I want to save money in this area each month, as we feel our current level of television indulgence is not simple living.  Sounds like an easy solution, right? Just downgrade or cancel our TV service and keep broadband Internet to watch Hulu. Wrong.

See, our Internet price requires a TV subscription. Thus, my mad Google skills found a Comcast package called “Limited Basic” for $17.99 per month (Comcast does not mention that on their website – anywhere).  Still more channels than we want to pay for, but it keeps us from having to deal with an antenna and keeps our Internet bill down. Sidenote: we do not have a phone line, so I’ve yet to find a DSL or other broadband ISP that offers at least 3mbps for under $40.

Unfortunately, it’s also a measly savings of only $11.96 per month. But that adds up, right? Only until June 30, when our promotional Internet price goes up to $42.95 per month. A Comcast representative said that, at that point, I will not be eligible for another promotion, so we’ll need to find another solution anyway. Oh yeah, did I mention the $10 DOWNGRADE FEE for dropping our TV subscription to Limited Basic? That means that we’ll only really save $13.92 overall between now and then.

Any advice? Anyone know of a better option? Anyone work at an ISP who can give us a hookup?

PS: Just speed tested the neighbor’s wifi, and I get 15mpbs down and 3 up. Hmm… 😉


2 thoughts on “Curses, Comcast!

  1. I work for Comcast. If you’re interested, I can reach out to my contacts and find the best deals for you. Please send me phone number on account and link to this page if you’re interested.

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

  2. Limited Basic cable – less than $10/month (we haven’t seen a bill with this on it yet)
    Performance internetnet – 42.95/month 15mb-down

    That’s what we are going with at home. It’s really pretty affordable, if you don’t use that much bandwidth take a look at the economy packages 1mb for $24.95. or explore DSL options, you can usually get those without local phone if you talk to enough customer service people.

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