Watch “The Future of Food”

I just watched this documentary on Hulu called “The Future of Food”, and here are a few of the baffling things I learned:

  • Monsanto genetically engineers plants by using viruses and bacteria to invade cells
  • Monsanto is patenting plants; both those they’ve engineered, and any seeds they can find which have not yet been patented.
  • When organic farmers’ crops are naturally cross-pollinated by Monsanto’s plants, they sue the farmers and often force them to destroy their saved seeds.
  • The health effects of these genetically engineered plants on the public is unknown and untraceable (but they have killed rats, caterpillars, etc) because the FDA does not require foods made with them to be labelled. Why? The same people making those decisions are current or former Monsanto execs and employees!
  • We are paying for Monsanto’s seeds with our tax dollars. For example, corn is federally subsidized. Such federal subsidization oppresses third world agriculture.
  • Agricultural genetic modification is NOT about solving world hunger or feeding more people, but making more money.

You should watch this and decide what you’re going to do about it. Consumer is king. We determine the future.


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