I know some kids who couldn’t care less about Zhu Zhu Pets; they just want to live.

Well, the Christmas season is upon us; a wonderful season of thankfulness and generosity. May I propose a target for a bit of your generosity?

As you may know, some of my friends and I work with a ministry in Jacmel, Haiti (Restoration Ministries) to help empower them to reach out to their community. We support them via mission trips, prayer, and finances through our ragtag Bible study/nonprofit, The Conduit. We’ve been blessed to be able to start a sponsorship-based feeding program which provides meals to about 80 kids 3 times per week. Right now it’s hosted at the pastor’s rented home, and his lease is up this month. However, we’ve been working on a building for a few years now which will serve as that pastor’s new home (the rent is ridiculously expensive for a rural village in the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, and we know our money can go to better things). It will also be a storage space, a shelter for battered women, and the new feeding center — which will enable us to feed many more children!

We’ve faced multiple struggles in the mission to finish this building – some financial, some  bureaucratic, some spiritual – but the time has come to get it done. We only have $1,700 to go before we can do that! Will you consider helping? Not only would this building serve the purposes I mentioned, but in a place where the majority of construction projects are left unfinished, it would stand as a testimony to our God who is a Finisher.

You can find more information (and a PayPal donation button) at http://restorehaiti.com/RestoreHaiti.com/Get_Involved.html. I’ll also be glad to answer any questions you have

What better gift is there to give this Christmas than shelter, clothing, food, and life?

✡ Shalom ✝


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