Zombie Dream

I briefly mentioned this dream in a status on Facebook and it generated some interest and fun conversation, so I decided to post a more thorough description.  God speaks through dreams, so I’d like to hear your impressions if you are learning (or gifted) to interpret them*.  I have already gotten some revelation, but I thought it would be fun to give you some practice and hear what you have to say.  Here’s the gist:

A small group of friends and I (including my wife) were walking through a town a bit before dark.  We were going through abandoned houses looking for something (not sure what – perhaps people, or supplies?). Somehow I knew there would be a zombie outbreak at twilight. Eventually we went outside to make our way to the center of town. I noticed I had my S&W .38 Special in a left ankle holster. In the dream, I remember thinking that was weird, but that’s where I always keep it. As we walked further, I realized I also had a Taurus Judge in my pocket [a huge revolver which fires both .45 rounds and .410 shotgun shells – totally wicked. I really do want one in real life, if you feel so generous this holiday season]. Though it would be the perfect sidearm for a zombie scenario, I realized it was not mine, so in that conviction I threw it on the ground into a patch of sand. Eventually we made it to our destination; the back steps of a building (seemed like the capital of the town), where we waited for sunset. When darkness fell, zombies started emerging from the water, the forest, and the ground. I began to pick them off one by one until some made their way up the stairs, attacking people in their path. One got very close to me and was about to bite someone when I pointed my gun at it. The zombie took off its mask – it was a dear friend of mine.  The dream ended.

*by a Biblical standard please; I’m not interested in New Age or psychological methods.

2 thoughts on “Zombie Dream

  1. I THREW IT ON THE GROUND!!!! Oh my goodness, I am dying!!
    I first saw that in October, we were watching it in the kitchen (Christy and I), while I was preparing a meal with ground beef as an ingredient. Picture this: we watch the video, and when it is done I take the pound of ground beef, turn around to put it in a pan and subsequently “threw it on the ground”. If I hadn’t JUST been watching that video I definitely would NOT have been laughing. We made our own little “threw it on the ground” vid. (plus it was my birthday so- Happy birthday to the ground was what we said I think for an entire day.
    Well, it was funny in person at least.
    My question about the dream is this: these friends you were with in the beginning were they from work, church, or elsewhere? How about this friend at the end?
    When you looked at your friend at the end, did they stay a zombie or did it look normal?
    Were the zombies hurting the other people in the dream? I know you said “attacking” but I just want clarity there.

  2. Is this video on Youtube?

    I’m not sure who else was in the group besides my wife. The friend at the end was one from church. I didn’t realize they were just in a costume until the mask came off. At that point I saw that it was really cheap (or it changed), like it was made from yellow felt.

    Now that you mention that, I remember that nobody actually got hurt. The zombies were just grabbing people I guess.

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