An Open Letter to President Obama

Mr. President:
What happened to the “transparency and bipartisanship” you promised to us during your ever-so-charismatic campaign? It appears, if I may so suggest, that those promises were sacrificed in favor of this pork-laden bill without any public review (which you also promised us) or significant Republican support.
In your speech yesterday, you mentioned America’s need to “untangle the credit market”, for “discipline, and a new sense of responsibility that has been missing – from Wall Street to Washington.” I agree with you there, but HOW is that possible when you and Congress are leading us in the opposite direction? WHAT is “responsible and disciplined” about a national debt which surpasses the GDP of the entire Western World? How can we straighten out the credit market when our own government is flippant about inflation & debt and gives no priority to balancing our budget? I smell pork, Mr. President. I smell hypocrisy and bull dung.
You said, “The road to recovery will not be straight and true” – oh, how valid a statement, when the arbitrary expenditure of $787 billion is built on a foundation of socialism and lies!
You say you want to “give every American [except the unborn, of course] the chance to make of their lives what they will and see their children climb higher than they did.”
How do you plan to accomplish that, now that our children’s children’s children’s children — if this great nation is still around by then — are already $65.5 trillion in debt?
I intend not to be inflammatory; I’m just trying to hold my government to account, as such was the will of our founding fathers.

PS: Just in case you really read this – please stop the mass murder of the unborn as it violates their unalienable right to life, respect the Constitution & Bill of Rights (I’m concerned about your support for the 1st and 2nd Amendments), and defend democracy (not socialism). Thank you.

*EDIT: I did send this to the White House via their website. I did not get a response, but the President did host a summit today reportedly in response to the high volume of similar letters. Here’s what he had to say. The solidarity of his promises are pending verdict, IMO…let’s hope he makes good on this (though I disagree with some of the methods). BTW…cutting funding for programs that “don’t work” but offering bailouts to corrupt execs and failing industries seem to contradict. What do you think?*


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