Merry Christmas, whoever y’all are!

Fun story:
So we got to make some kids’ day (or probably year) at the Toby show tonight. A DJ named Wally from a local radio station was emceeing between sets. The gag was supposed to be that Gabe had given Toby’s phone to Wally, who then announced the number so that the first person whose call got through would get to watch the tobyMac set from stage with 3 of his/her friends. Not a single call came through (probably due to network overload), so he decided to instead throw the phone into the audience…whoever caught it would be the winner.
The phone did not make it very far, and guess who happened to catch it? Ben Dion. Krista was with him, and Kimmie and I had caught up with them just a few minutes previous, so we all proceeded backstage.
After a very brief conversation we decided that the scenario was not so exciting for us — or fair [being friends of the band and already up close]. So we decided to simply give the privilege to 4 random fans. I decided that it would be much more exciting to someone up in the nosebleeds or way in the back, but the security dude who escorted me back into the crowd said the decision had to be prompt. At this point, I found a nearby group of four teenie boppers who were in fact quite elated at the notion.
It wasn’t until they were onstage that I noticed they had on RelientK shirts. Probably not the best for Toby’s branding, but they did seem to have the time of their lives.


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