Re: What’s In Your Hand?

My friend Sarah Pharo posted this, and I’d like to share it & use it as a springboard for a blog:

I couldn’t stop thinking about the challenge to find out what’s in my hand that God wants to use. I think about the future so much, that I don’t always take a second to think about what He is giving me now for what He wants me to do now….today. What do I hold back that I should give? Words, time….? What do I hold onto that He already took care of? Or, what is He not giving me now, but yet I keep reaching for?

So, as I was sitting at work, unusually… with nothing to do today, I had time to do whatever art I liked. I decided to be inspired by those questions I need to ask myself on a regular basis. In a sense…this is what I had in my hand today! Please go to my website to download a copy if you can’t read it, and print it out if you like. You should be able to understand this in context of the teaching last night. Hope you guys like it.


The teaching she’s referring to was the message at Conduit (Bible study/non-profit in Franklin, TN) on Monday. We discussed the first, simple question Elohim asked Moses during his conversation/argument with him regarding his call to lead the Exodus. At this time in Moses’s life, he had become a nobody in the middle of the desert after leaving his background of wealth, fame, and power (being raised as a son in the house of Pharaoh) 40 years ago. There was at this time new Pharaoh to whom Moses was to declare Hebrew freedom — incidentally one who did not know who Moses was; he was to go as a nobody. That doesn’t sound like very good timing, does it? Moses didn’t seem quite qualified for such a bold move, and according to the context of that passage in Exodus 4, he felt this way. But the Lord did not ask Moses if he were qualified, if he wanted to do it, or what his talents were; He asked him, “What’s in your hand?”.

Like Sarah, I’m in a place right now where I’m questioning my future and ministerial destiny so much that I must be careful not to forsake the Lord’s will for my present life.  I, like Moses and many of my peers, am a nobody to the world in the sense that I lack power, wealth, or fame.  In short: I’m in an awkward place with my job and I feel pulled toward other ministries in other places, but don’t know when I’m supposed to do what. I’m pretty sure of the kinds of things I’m supposed to do, but haven’t gotten the “GO!” yet.  I feel like any new job would be “just a job”, and the passion that burns within me wants to live recklessly to make a huge positive difference in the world and impact the Kingdom. But here I am, seemingly unqualified for greatness and apparently led to stay put and be diligent and content with the present.

I know that when my call comes for whatever is next, the Lord will equip me as I go and is already preparing me. He loves to use nobodies (1 Cor. 1:26-31) to do big things. He gets so much glory from that, and it excites me. So my recent struggle is not with feeling unfit, but with “settling for” today. That call hasn’t yet come despite my desire to do something big, but I also know that’s a desire placed in me by Yahweh. I have discovered my spiritual gifting, but I’m unsure how to apply it on a daily basis. So what am I to do? I need to live each day with a purpose, as this is where God has me for now.  I have a mission each day, and each one is probably preparing me for what’s eventually to come.

Moses spent 40 years as a humble shepherd before his big call, and I need to remember that. I believe that it was his time of preparation; his big mission was to shepherd Israel. So when Elohim asked him, “what’s in your hand?”, it was of course just a shepherd’s staff…but because the Lord is sovereign, He put that staff in Moses’s hand. Then He showed Moses that He would use what was in his hand and apply His power to it. Yahweh cares about the little things, thus I know I can apply this truth to my “for now” every day life. This brings us to my story. I was unsure whether or not I wanted to share it at all because of Matthew 6:1-4, but I believe it is profitable as a testimony of these truths. I saw the Word come alive yesterday.

I was out just running errands yesterday when I saw a man standing out in the cold at an intersection with a cardboard sign that simply read, “Hungry”. He didn’t have a story to tell, no excuses, just a need. Like many Americans, I initially pretended not to see him anyway; I had cold items that needed to get into my refrigerator at home (how dare I!). Then…the Holy Spirit interrupted. He led me to consider what was ‘in my hand’ at the moment, which was a steering wheel, a debit card, and my next destination. That next errand happened to be stopping at the McDonald’s just up the street to get a Redbox movie. The hungry man was even standing alongside a route convenient to my way back home. So I took him a Big n’ Tasty and a beverage. Needless to say, he was grateful to receive that, but he also gladly received the prophecy I spoke into his life. It seemed completely random to me, and had left my lips in its entirety before I really noticed what I had said or that he was open to hear it. That’s just what it looks like when you lay down what’s in your hand – right now – and God uses it. I just intended to feed the man; Yeshua intended to feed him spiritually.

Is that what He meant when He said His yoke is easy and His burden is light?


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