Bus Experiment: Wrap-up?

Not much notable has happened during the past week of riding the bus, but I thought I’d mention a few things:

-This idea is increasing in popularity, even though gas has gone back down a little. I had to stand most of the way home on Wednesday.
– I’ve considered pulling the ol’ “make a ‘we’re hostages’ sign to put up to the window” gag, but decided it wouldn’t carry the same humor and would probably have quite adverse consequences.
-The actual end-of-line stop for the express is 8th & Broadway, but if you pull the wire, they’ll let you off right at LifeWay. Likewise, in the afternoon Blade will stop there on the corner, so I can wait inside to watch for the bus. I’d give the bus a thumbs-up for convenience (besides the early mornings).

Well, this morning I arrived at the Park & Ride to discover a very empty parking lot, which was void of the usual people, cars, and even buses. I checked my watch — yes, we had set the alarm correctly and I was on time…early in fact. I called my wife to see if today is some sort of holiday or something, of which she was also unaware. As per her suggestion, I waited until a little after the bus’s departure time, and it never showed. So I headed off to work.
AND I PASSED IT on my way to the interstate! It was full of passengers! I have no idea where they got on or where they parked their cars, but apparently I missed the memo. So, naturally, I flipped them an epic bird and sped off down the road. Just kidding.

As you might recall from earlier posts, I have been carrying on a discussion about carpooling with a few other LifeWay employees. We all met yesterday to iron out some details, and we finally put a plan together!
So I’m sorry to those of you who were enjoying these updates, but it looks like the Bus Experiment has reached its conclusion. I do still have about 10 rides left on my pass, so I’ll keep those for backup (since I’ll be depending on other people’s cars). 

To wrap up, I’d say that the 96X route is a good solution for me, but maybe not great. 
There are many perks which I’ve mentioned in these posts, but also a few drawbacks, including: early mornings, possible discomfort, lack of adequate seating, long travel times, and (evidently) mysterious random vanishings. I saved about $18 during the 7 days I rode the bus (drove Fridays and was home Tuesday), so I could probably save around $50/month.

In the carpool, however, I think I’ll save over $90/month! We’ll all meet at a park & ride, and one person will drive each week. That way, each person will only pay for his or her own car’s gas. Additionally, I won’t have to get up so wretchedly early. Sweet deal!



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