Bus Experiment Day 2


Alright, well…this morning I managed to catch the express, so I got to work in about an hour. It was death-early, but it’s what I expected. I was able to sleep (off & on) for about 45 minutes so that helped a little with the being-up-at-an-abominable-hour thing. No doubt due to the price-of-gas thing, the bus has been full both ways both days; though I’m blessed to consistently get a seat before it fills up. Hope that trend continues.
The seats on the bus are fairly comfortable though a tad narrow – sidebar: I tried to be sensitive about it yesterday…but dude, Americans are FAT! Can I get a witness? Anyhow, they recline and the armrest (on the aisle seats) goes down to provide more room – no doubt because we are a corpulent people. The headrest I am admittedly a little nervous about. How many people’s hair….ugh…I digress. No but seriously; should I wear a hat? Or a shower cap? Lucky Blade up there, he doesn’t have to worry about it.
Starting out I wondered if riding the bus would be reminiscent of my middle/high school days (that would not necessarily be a good thing), but to the contrary it’s pretty mellow and relaxing as the route name suggests (“Relax & Ride”). All that being mentioned, deep inside I do secretly hope that a fight will break out to add some oldschool excitement. Especially with a butt-kicking superhuman vampire slayer for a driver.

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