Bus Experiment

For economic reasons I don’t need to explain, I’ve decided to try alternate methods of transportation to work, since I live about 30 miles away. A couple weeks ago I added my name to our new Lotus carpool database at LifeWay. Only 2 other people are listed in Murfreesboro, and after a brief email thread it was apparent to me that our schedules probably will not allow for an easy arrangement.
Then…I discovered that there is an MTA express that runs from Murfreesboro to 8th & Broadway, which is very close to my office. 
It costs $3.50 per ride or $60 for 20 rides. 
My Focus gets about 30mpg..but that’s a rough figure since I use both the highway and secondaries, and traffic is unpredictable. 

Initial Hypothesis:
I believe I’ll save about $15 per week, if I drive one day and ride the bus 4. Other benefits will include reduced wear & tear on my car and the luxury of NOT having to drive in Nashville traffic. I’m expecting to hop on the bus after work and indulge in a nap or one of the many forms of digital entertainment provided by my iPod Touch. Or a book maybe (which can be an eBook, so refer to the former).

Other comments:
I think this will be good for me spiritually; I’m serious. Nashville Traffic + Morning negatively affects my attitude. Plus I’ll have more time to spend with the Lord without the distraction of driving. I’ve come to realize and admit that I live somewhat in a Christian bubble, so I think riding the bus will also expand my sphere of influence more into the secular world.

Unfortunately, every cost/benefit analysis has disadvantages to speak of. While the drop-off/pickup times at 8th & Broadway match my usual working schedule (give or take), the express still takes about an hour each way. That means I have to be at the bus stop in M’boro at 5:53am. As I mentioned above, I am not a morning person.

Because of the long traffic light near my house (I do have to drive a bit to the bus stop), I missed the express and had to catch the next bus which stops several times along the way. It took a little under an hour and a half. That’s a little long, but I suppose it could be relaxing if it happens again. 
Today, though…it was not so much.
Early in the ride, a lady (whom Yeshua loves — I repeated that to myself in my mind) gifted with much adipose tissue boarded the bus and promptly sat next to me. By “next to”, I mean more so “on”. I will not get graphic, but I was snugly trapped between her (whom Yeshua loves!) and the wall. 

Actually sort of enjoyed the ride home. Thought of a lot of things I can get done while riding, all while enjoying some fine music, of course…yay iPod Touch. The driver, who looks just like Blade (from the short-lived Spike TV series), kept pretty good time. Each stop was accurate to the schedule, give or take 1or 2 minutes in a couple instances.
Somebody from work replied to the carpool email thread saying she changed her work hours to 8-430 and asked if I’d like to give that option another shot. Carpooling was my preferred option originally…but I’m not sure what I’ll say because I think I like this bus thing (provided I can make the express in the morning).


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