Haiti Donation Drive

A team of folks (including Kimmie and me) from Nashville are going on a mission trip to Haiti in June. The ministry with which we’re working (Restoration Ministries) has some needs we’d love to meet, and we want to invite you to partner with us to help out. We plan to pack our extra bags with (new or next to new): 

School Supplies like pens, pencils, notebooks, erasers etc.
Toys or Gifts for Kids (3 months to 12 years old)
Clothes and Shoes for Adults and Children
Sheets or Bedspreads
Pop Corn
Powdered Juice
Cookies/Sweets/Candy Bars etc

If you live in/around Nashville and you want to donate some of that, you can drop stuff off at New River Fellowship in Franklin. Just message me if you need directions. 
Restoration Ministries also has a wish list of other needs and wants that we’d love to be able to bless them with. You’ll notice that some of the big items aren’t rational to take or ship to Haiti; but you can sponsor the purchase of those if you want to help (it’ll be tax deductible through The Conduit). If you do want to donate/sponsor any of these or need more info, please message me or comment. Thanks!

New or Used Truck
Photocopier or Copy Machine
Commercial Stove (for our Feeding Program)
Big Freezer (for our Feeding Program)
300 Padded Folding Chairs
Video Camcorder
Computers (Used, Refurbished or New)
Conga Drums Set
Drum Sticks Set
Bass Guitar
Lead Guitar
Guitar Pedals
Keyboard Stand
Wireless Microphones
Microphone Stands
24 Channel Mixer
100 ft Snake Cable
CD Recorder
DVD Player
Blank CDs
Blank DVDs
Multi Media Projector (2000-3000 lumens)
Ink for Printer ( HP 92 and 93)
Power Saw
Medium Size Tent
First Aid kits
100 French Bibles ($ 3.00 for 1)
Pastor Sponsorship ($150/month)
Child Sponsorship ($30/month)


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