Wounds and Scars Remain

So here’s a story from the other night (I’ve been reminded of it by the pain in my rib, which I hope is not cracked).
I was working the Scars Remain Tour show at Rocketown on Tuesday night (Decyfer Down, Fireflight, Family Force 5, Disciple). Well, after helping FF5 load out their equipment, I decided to jump back through the loading door and get back to the stage [Setting detail: Rocketown is a converted warehouse, so backstage there is this loading dock garage door type thing]. Somebody had rolled the door halfway down, so I attempted to do this sort of dive/roll kind of thing under the door. Unfortunately, I did not complete said stunt, but halfway through it I instead discovered I could not move for some reason. After a moment I noticed the door had fallen and I was stuck. I’m not sure why I didn’t feel it at first, but I didn’t. Anyway, I struggled for a minute to get free but I couldn’t get anywhere. So naturally I resolved to lift the door off of myself. It was MUCH heavier than I expected, but I got it high enough to slide back through and onto the ground. Upon landing, I realized that my rib hurt really bad, and so I worried that it might be cracked. After some brief discussion with the guys, we decided that if it was really broken I would definitely know it, and would probably be crying or something. So I settled on the fact that it’s most likely bruised, but it still hurts right now, so I’m wondering how long the pain from such an injury lasts. I’m also wondering why my rock concert injuries can’t ever be from something cool. My mind also ponders how funny that must have looked; half of some dude trying to get free from underneath a big metal door after attempting a suave dive roll.
Oh well. I guess if you didn’t get at least some type of injury from a rock show, it wasn’t really that great after all.

PS: I like the title. Ha Ha you thought this was going to be all deep and emo-ish.


5 thoughts on “Wounds and Scars Remain

  1. Well I was face-down when it hit me on the back, but it’s the front of my lowest rib on the left side that hurts.

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