Haiti on Friday!

One day and two nights left, and I’m glad to say we’re GOOD TO GO! Pretty sweet, huh? Thanks to all those who have given toys, money, and prayers. We believe you will reap blessings because of your generosity and love (because He promised such). When your hand is open to give, it’s open to recieve. I think the providence we’ve seen is a testimony to God’s faithfulness and His purpose for this mission trip. We’re really excited to go and we expect big (and supernatural) things. We do still have to pack – both the toys and our clothes/survival food, etc – but we’ll get working on that tonight. I’ve also taken tomorrow off as a prep day (besides 2 finals). The other day, the Lord told me to rest…sort of a strange time for Him to say something like that considering how busy I’ve been with work, Christmas shopping, preparing for the trip, church, family, and school. But He did say, “you don’t have to be doing nothing to rest”. I’m still trying to figure out what that fully means…and not in the sense that God seemed to use a double negative*. I get the point, just not the fullness of it yet. John Fisher talked about resting in the Lord during a BCM retreat last year, and it really hit home with me. I know it means trusting Him completely and not worrying about anything, and most of the time I feel like I’ve arrived at that point. Maybe I just need to dwell on that truth again. Maybe it could be something more, too. This year I’ve been intentional about taking out deliberate time to sit and be still and just listen. Those are my most intimate times with God….perhaps He wants to teach me I can commune with Him that closely despite the hustle and bustle of our culture’s “every day life”. Maybe I need to work on my “praying constantly”. Anyway…sorry this has gone from a Haiti update to me thinking out loud. Inspiration is inspiration. Don’t quench the Spirit!

Like I said, we’re excited to go. And just FYI if you’ll be around Nashville on Friday morning and you feel like coming to the airport..our plane leaves at 6am.

*poor attempt at a joke. I’m sure God has pretty good grammar. He HAS written 66 inerrant books, afterall. Somebody better suspend my joke license.


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