Get mad: illegals kill more people than the war

Illegal aliens murder
12 Americans daily
Death toll in 2006 far overshadows total
U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq, Afghanistan


5 thoughts on “Get mad: illegals kill more people than the war

  1. omfg . there are so many things wrong with this inflammatory statement, it’s practically propoganda. first of all, automobile accidents kill more americans than iraq. should we start a WAR ON TERROR?!

    population size has a little something to do with it too. Are there 50 million soldiers in Iraq?

    Don’t get mad, get a clue. It’d be pretty easy for me to make an inflammatory statement like “BLACKS KILLED MORE AMERICANS LAST YEAR THAN THE ENTIRE IRAQI WAR” and it’d probably be true, but that doesnt make it right.

  2. This WorldNetDaily article isn’t all bad. Some of its underlying themes are perfectly fine. Deaths caused by illegal immigrants seems a viable topic. If “the federal government doesn’t track illegal alien murders, illegal alien rapes or illegal alien drunk driving deaths”, I’m curious why they don’t.

    But the article overall is nonsense.

    Here’s a blog response to the WorldNetDaily article. It’s from a “native New Englander” who “calls himself a pragmatic liberal”.

  3. yeah, that’s true, the ratios are way off..but quantity-wise it’s still a true statement. The point is: why are people spending so much time complaining and protesting about the war, yet showing indifference toward amnesty for illegals and drunk driving. A lot of people say we should pull out of Iraq and ‘take care of the homefront’…dealing with illegal immigration is part of it.

  4. I think most our problems with illegal immigration have more to do with policy than anything else. The driving factor seems to be that immigration is no longer under the media spotlight.

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