Stepping out onto the water

We just put 2 round-trip tickets for Haiti on our credit card. Kinda makes ya queasy and excited at the same time. I’m not worried about it at all…I’m just not the biggest fan of having that kinda money to pay off. It’s like getting a shot – you know you’ll be ok, but it still makes you nauseous (tis the case with me anyway). Sacrifice.
Good thing I serve a faithful God. Time to watch the blessings roll in.

Hey if you want to help, btw, you’re certainly welcome to. Tickets were $1300, and we (Kimmie and I) need another $900 on top of that to meet the budget estimate for the mission trip ($1100 per person). Plus we have 2 other confirmed people going right now (and others are praying about it) who will also need help with their $1100. If you want to contribute, just let me know.

PS: if you don’t know what all this hoopla is about, we’re going on a mission trip to Haiti December 15-22. I’ll post more about it later.


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