Enjoy the loot, jerk.

So we went to Long Hunter State Park to hike yesterday. Well we got about half a mile and it was starting to storm so we headed back to the car. When we got back I notice that, despite the fact that there were a ton of people around having a big picnic or whatever, the little glass pane behind my rear passenger seat was missing. Yep..somebody had broken into the car in front of all those people. Well we figured out (in the rain) that they had taken Kim’s purse, which contained all her keys, credit and ID cards, Social Security card, checkbook, and mail with our address on it, among other things. Yay. When the ranger came around, he filed a report but shrugged it off and said “Yeah, it happens all the time”. We won’t be going back to that park anytime soon. So within an hour of discovering the incident, here’s what happened:

We called and cancelled the credit cards and locked down our accounts
We found out that the crook tried to get money out of the ATM at the gas station up the street.
We went home to talk to the people in the office to change our locks.
Called the police (who arrived 2 1/2 hours later).
Made sure Kim’s car hadn’t been breached (thief had her keys and clicker). Our bank had told us that we had a “little while” for me to get up to $200 out of the ATM with MY card [joint account] before it locked out my name too. So I got into Kim’s car to go to the ATM, only to discover that the ABS brakes chose a very convienient time to lock up. At least it happened in the parking lot. I couldn’t take my car because it had to be there in case the cops got there before i returned.
So I ran to the ATM about a mile away. Did manage to make it in time to get money out. Ran back home.
The guy came to change our locks.

I thought we did pretty well to get all that done in an hour. I just wish the police worked that fast. They got there about an hour and a half after all that. So we told them our little story and what the bank had told us about the thief trying to use the ATM. They said that if they had cameras at the gas station (or in the ATM), the detectives will likely look into it. Oh yeah.. they also got Kim’s phone. I’ve been trying to call it to see how stupid the criminal is. Maybe he’ll pick up eventually, or it’ll make him feel bad every time it rings.
Well after the police left, we still got to go to our Bible study so HA!
Tomorrow, Kimmie gets to take off work to go all over town with my mom so she can get her identity back. She’ll also try to find out what getting the brakes fixed will cost [does anybody reading know anything about that/have any experience?]. She will also go to Verizon to report her phone stolen and ask about if they can track it. That emergency GPS tracking device requirement has to be for something, right?
She also gets to report to all the credit bureaus and whatnot to make sure whoever has her ID stuff can’t apply for a new account or something like that.

In the end, I still feel like we won. Yeah my car got broken into and her purse got stolen, but what does that cost us? Inconvenience for a couple days? So what. AND what did the thief get? A new purse with useless cards, a new Bible, and some tampons. I say ENJOY THEM you jerk.


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