True Love Waits

So…a few weeks ago I decided I was ready to buy a Mac Mini. Then…I saw the Apple rumors that suggested they were about to upgrade the processors on Sept. 12. I decided to wait. Good things come to those who wait. Such as Apple announcing the upgrade about a week earlier than rumored. So I went down to MacAuthority and ordered me one. Unfortunately, it “would take a couple days” to arrive. Within that waiting period, Sept. 12 came and went with much rejoicing about iTunes 7, the Movie Store, new iPods, etc. Well needless to say, WAY over “a couple days” had passed and I was getting anxious, and at one point almost cancelled my order and re-placed the order directly with Apple (upon hearing that actual Apple Stores already had the upgrades in stock). But I had hope…I decided to give it one more day. And AVAST (right in time for International Talk Like A Pirate Day)! I received the call. I went down to MacAuthority where I was made glad that I had waited.


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