The passing of the 3

This is Mark with the 3 at camp:

This story begins at the end of Fuge CN ’05….we were tearing down our set when a dispute erupted about the fate of the 3. Fortunately for myself, I claimed the 3 when we built the set at the beginning of the summer, knowing that if I didn’t call dibs at that point, somebody else would surely snatch it up ASAP when camp was over. Which Mark Hudson did; apparently he was not around when I stated my claim. But I, probably like a child, informed him that “NO! It’s mine!”
And I had witnesses. SO we made a deal. Since I claimed it first, I would keep it until he came to Tennessee to visit and get it himself. So there it hung in the house for 2 semesters.

When I moved out and took it off the wall, it remained in my trunk. I kept it there just in case one day Mark and Cheryl randomly popped up in Nashville…I try to be a man of my word…I would NOT be caught off guard. Well a year and a couple weeks had passed since I took the 3 home….and all of a sudden I get a call on my cell phone at work…it’s Mark Hudson. “Knowing” that he was in Lousiana just calling to tell camp stories from the summer or something, I decided to harrass him about it. As I began, he said, “well what would you do if I told you I’m standing on Commerce right now?”
So they walked down to LifeWay to hang out for the afternoon (later we went to dinner and chilled at the apt.) Of course, shortly after they got there I took them to my car and held up my end of the deal. I hope Cheryl likes the 3.


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