No matter what happens….

And you should be, too. If you disagree with that, I recognize that you are entitled to your opinion, but you’re still wrong. Closed-minded, you say? Sorry…it’s not my fault that Truth is absolute.


5 thoughts on “No matter what happens….

  1. Who isn’t? GO IZZ!

    I actually have no idea about any of the politics involved with the fighting over there right now. Perhaps I should turn on the news.

  2. I’m pro Israel too! Because, you know.. being self loathing is over rated.
    I would however, like to point out that I’m not really in favor of killing palestinians or bombing civilian areas.

    Close minded?
    Sorry… it’s not my fault that the death of innocents is absolute.

  3. no for real though…
    So you mean to say that Israel’s enemies haven’t been bombing and killing innocent Israeli civilians?

    Not trying to argue or start a debate. I’m definitely not saying everything Israel does is right…such as giving up THEIR land for “peace” (which they’ve never gotten in return for such peace deals). Look at what’s happening. Most of Israel’s neighbors want to wipe them off the map, and some leaders have officially stated that. If Mexico and Canada started lobbing bombs at us, would you want us to just sit there or fire the crap back? Innocent deaths happen in war..that’s just the way it is. Maybe if everyone quit messing with Israel altogether (they never will for the rest of human history, unfortunately), there wouldn’t be a war.

  4. don’t just take what you see on the news as truth. Research it yourself and see what’s going on. Who are really the terrorists here? Whose INTENT is it to kill innocent people, and whose intent is it to defend themselves? YOU look it up and decide.
    (but you should still bless Israel. it’s deeper than politics)

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