Brief thoughts on Superman Returns

As a fan, it was amazing. But a lot of critics and “fans” have been giving the movie a really hard time…and as a movie these days, their opinions are fairly valid. A lot of the stuff in the plot movie is a little on the campy/cheesy/unrealistic side, so out of context it doesn’t really live up to today’s standard of far as the plot goes. However, as a Superman movie it was excellent. Probably the best one yet. Visually, it was amazing. SOOOOO sweet! Especially in IMAX. Really, the whole thing was filmed for IMAX 3-D. Some of the angles and stuff probably look weird on a standard movie screen because they were intended for 3D. They only got 20 minutes converted to 3D, but they picked pretty good scenes for it. Anyway…as far as effects and visuals go, it was definitely up to modern standards. Maybe even beyond. It was pimp. You absolutely MUST go into this movie with a couple things in mind: Bryan Singer INTENDED this to be a sequel to Superman II, thus it has a lot of elements in common with the original movies. Singer knows some of it is campy, and it’s OK! It’s ok because it is in context with the continuity of the series. Some critical people have commented on some “unecessary” moments. OBVIOUSLY they are not hardcore fans, thus they entirely miss the meaning of said moments…ie…[not really a spoiler] there’s a scene where he lifts a car over his head. Parts like this one in the movie are blatantly reminiscent of comics and the original films. In Superman’s first appearance in ACTION COMICS, the pose on the cover was the same; superman hoisting a car over his head in the same position. There’s a ton of stuff like that in the movie. Some people thought it was cheesy…real fans appreciated it. Brandon Routh is frighteningly similar to Christopher Reeve, and that’s on purpose, too. Amazing. Gives you the willies. Kevin Spacey is great as Lex…so evil! Lois was terrible I thought. Not enough sass or spunk. Now really, she probably played the role as she was supposed to. With Supes having disappeared and suddenly coming back now while she has a fiance and a kid, she’d probably be pretty distant and melancholy. But I can’t keep from comparing Kate to Margot Kidder (Superman I and II) and Erica Durance (Smallville).
I’d state my speculations about the kid, but I don’t want to post any spoilers for those bad fans who haven’t seen it yet.
All in all, it was amazing and ridiculously entertaining, especially in IMAX. Bryan Singer produced exactly what he intended to, and it was great.


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