well, we’s hitched now.

So..it’s been awhile..but we don’t have cable yet, so we have to go to the library to use the intarweb. Oh well. Not really much to update on. We both start our jobs this week, we’re in the church hunt (we’ve visited a couple good ones and are getting connected with Bible studies and stuff like that), we’re liking our apartment and the pool! I’ve been to the airport a couple times to see off friends leaving on mission trips, Angelica (Africa) and Mathieu (Alaska).

Just a shout out to those friends who came all the way to Nashville for the wedding (and those who sent ridiculous checks — shame on you, but thank you πŸ˜‰ )


One thought on “well, we’s hitched now.

  1. Hey…so sorry I couldn’t make it to the wedding 😦 My uncle had brain surgery. He’s doing well now…he has to have a couple of chemo treatments…dunno about radiation yet..but they say he’s gonna be fine…that this is just to be on the safe side. So all is well now. I hope you and kimmie are doing great! I love you both and miss you guys lots!

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