maybe I’ll try to update more often and we’ll see how long it lasts

So, the BSU Spring banquet was a lot of fun. Kimmie is in NOVA right now, so I pretty much went stag…besides giving Allen a ride. A couple years ago, I wore a duct tape suit. The next time I went, it was the kilt. So this year, to be original, I wore a nice shirt with shell leis, chacos, and a lavalava. That’s right…I wore a sarong. I made it look GOOD, too (maybe). My “Hawaiian” brother would be proud. Anyway…
We had an afterparty at my house. Nobody really had any good dancin’ music, so we played MarioKart and Smash Bros. for awhile, then we just played some random group games that people know. Most of them involved doing or saying something while trying not to laugh. We also played some improv games. Good times.
We also had a shooting at the party! Ashlee and Kayla got shot and died. It was terrible! Actually it was just part of our “assassins” game. We’d called an armistice for the banquet (everyone was in nice clothes, so water pistol attacks wouldn’t have been very appreciated…among other reasons), so when the party started, it was ON!

Kimmie-Jane, I miss ya and I wish you coulda been here for all the fun.

19 days!


2 thoughts on “maybe I’ll try to update more often and we’ll see how long it lasts

  1. HA…yeah, we died, though I totally shot kayla first! but she got killed in the end so it was all good. It was fun though 🙂 And ya gotta love cheesy party games!!! And yes, daddy dear, you made that sarong look HOT!! 😛 Have a great day!! <3<3 luv ya much

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