Ok, so we’ve not been so good at getting wedding invitations to people. Too much organization for us I guess. We’re casual [NOT lazy! I swear!] people. We really don’t have a good excuse, besides just saying we’ve been busy with work/school/wedding plans/etc….
SO…if you are an out-of-town friend and you haven’t gotten your invitation in the mail yet, it’s probably because we haven’t mailed it or gotten your address yet. This probably includes all my camp people and the boys from DC. Oh well. Sorry bout that. So here’s the info in the form a really fancy LJ invitation YAY! Pretend you have a nice little card with a silver cross with pretty filigree stuff around it. Next to it in a fancy purple script-style font, it says, “I have found the one whom my soul loves -Song of Solomon 3:4” “Kimberly and Christopher May 12, 2006”

Inside (same font):
Kimberly Jane Sears
daughter of Douglas and Nancy Sears
Christopher “Bucky” Elliott
son of David and Susan Elliott
have together with the Lord
reached a decision to unite their lives
as one with Him
They invite you to worship with them and witness their vows
on Friday, the twelfth of May
Two thousand and six
at two o’clock in the afternoon
Dearly Beloved’s Wedding Chapel
1205 Robinson Road
Nashville, TN 37138

Enclosed would be a flier for the “rehearsal dinner” Wedding Celebration BBQ. It would tell you that it will be on Thursday, May 11th @ 7pm. It will take place at:
Hobson Pike Baptist Church
3525 Hobson Pike
Hermitage, TN 37076

It is casual dress, and it’s open to everyone, not just the wedding party. It will be catered, so if you are coming, we need a head count. Thus you MUST RSVP by April 22…that’s Saturday. To do so, call my ‘rents at
(615) 4432-5254 or email at

We really want you to come! Please! If you still want a real invitation, you can get one when you come down.


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