Failed attempt; B&E busted!

Well, the prank war has been on for a week or two now. Today I was to make my next advance. I got up, got materials prepaared, and headed to the BSU. I had checked Mathieu and Cox’s schedules, so I knew they both had class at 11. Well, the Apt. was locked today (they finally got that hint), so I grabbed a metal chair and proceeded outside. I climbed through the [very small] bathroom window with a little acrobatic contorting and jumped to the floor. Ready to head through the apartment to open the back door (so I could bring in my materials), I opened the bathroom door. SURPRISE! There was Mathieu in bed, staring at me with a confused look on his face.

Me: Oh. Hey, how you doin’?…….I guess I’ll be leaving now. [At this point I realize I should’ve exercised more guile and jokingly laid on his bed or asked to borrow a cup of sugar or something]
Mathieu gets up and rushes me. We fight for a short while.
Me: skipping class?
Mathie: yes, it would appear that way, wouldn’t it?
Me: Sounds like fun. It was nice to see you.

So then I left. I don’t think this counts as being caught..I hadn’t started my prank yet. He just busted my B&E. I think it’s still my turn. Be afraid.


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