homecoming is a thing of joy

Kimmie and I left our Gulfport mission trip early on Friday…my maternal grandma went home last Wednesday, so we drove up to Oak Ridge for the funeral. I know it sounds sad, but in reality it was AMAZING! Funerals aren’t supposed to be good, are they? Well, God works outside paradigm. He does what He wills. The funeral was a celebration of her life while she was here and where she is now. After dwelling on it and seeing a vision of her rejoicing and clapping her hands WITH the Father and being embraced by her Saviour’s nail-scarred hands, I’m jealous. But make no mistake; I am absolutely thankful and hopeful for the rest of my time here! It’s just that I’ve been thinking how that’s my ultimate goal…reaching perfection…sharing in His glory..seeing it firsthand and meeting my Maker face-to-face…praising without any disruption or barrier…freedom from the flesh and sin…and she’s got that RIGHT NOW! It’s encouraging and comforting to know that though we’ll miss her (the amazing person that she is), she is healed and delivered from cancer and this world, and she is in His presence. God has given me HIS eyes toward death, and that’s a huge blessing. I don’t see her passing on as a loss of a life…it seems more like she moved away (which is essentially true).
Prayer needs to go out to her husband, my grandpa. She was half of him. Though he KNOWS beyond a shadow of a doubt where she gets to be until we greet her again, he will have to learn to live life without her company. I know Christ wants to fill that gap, so I pray that he’ll recognize that and just receive His comfort and help. Pray also for my mom and aunt Janet…she’s their mom.
God is good all the time.


One thought on “homecoming is a thing of joy

  1. That’s awesome…I totally think funerals can be good. Every funeral I’ve ever been to has always been awesome. We turn it from a time of crying to a time of total worship and praise to God. We always have preaching to and i’ve actually seen some of my family saved at a funeral…so yeah. I like it. Death really should be a celebration if the person is going to heaven! What is better than that? 🙂

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