it’s an update

Still not being good about updating….oh well. Things have been going really well; God’s continuing to do AMAZING things. I’ll expand on that soon. It’s sorta complicated. Basically though, revival is starting and there’s evidence of it all over campus! When Southern Baptist kids start speaking in tongues and talking about being filled with the Holy Spirit, you know God is working….
On another note, vinyl siding makes a great sled. It’s been snowing here over the past few days, so I’ve been out sledding a couple times. Fun stuff.
Valentine’s day tips to remember:
-Get up and go see her before she goes to work. That worked out pretty well.
-Make her some cards and make sure she gets them throughout the day.
-Get her something she’s been talking about for a while, but that you’ve of course been pretending to forget that she wants.
-Basically, surprise her and let her know she’s special and that you cherish her.

That’s all for now. I feel like watching TV and dozing off.


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