I’m officially southern now

So my brother and Christie, the girl he met online recently, got married last night at her family’s home in Knoxville. It was a nice little home wedding. Her grandpa was the officiant. She had her immediate family and her grandparents there. I went with Kimmie, my parents, and both sets of my grandparents. But the plot thickens….
When we entered the house, my paternal grandfather ran over to Christie’s grandma and they hugged and started laughing and stuff. We were all pretty confused. Turns out…you won’t believe this…Granddaddy and Christie’s grandma are 1st cousins. That makes Christie our third cousin. First of all, I can’t believe I haven’t met this branch of the family before (I’ve met a lot of random cousins and stuff on that side of the fam). Secondly, what a small and rather redneck world. What are the chances that my brother in Hawaii would find a girl in Knoxville, TN who’s his third cousin and end up marrying her? What are the chances that the grandparents would find each other at the wedding like that, not knowing beforehand?
Fortunately, nobody got all upset about it; we all just laughed and carried on with the wedding. That was kind of awkward, but it was a nice little wedding nonetheless. I feel like there should be more explaining to do…like there’s more to it…but there’s not. He married our third cousin and that’s it. Ahh the beauty of living in the South. We’re gonna have fun with this one at Christmas.


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