So it’s been a month since my last post. I haven’t been so good about updating lately. Oh well. I didn’t get finished talking about what God has been doing lately, and a bunch of stuff has happened in a month. The Lord just keeps revealing stuff, and it’s sweet. I’m gonna ramble for a little bit.
We went on a hurricane relief trip to southern Alabama with the BCM, and while we were there, God taught some of us (Mathieu, Angelica, and myself included) about using our spiritual gifts for the benefit of the Body, and we’ve been learning more and more about that ever since. We have a Bible study that meets every week (sometimes we’ve met a couple times a week; depends on how hungry we are). God has really been speaking clearly in our Bible study about the Body of Christ…why it exists…how it works….what our roles are as parts of it…what holds us all together…a ton of stuff that I’ve never put all together before now. It’s given me a renewed sense of purpose…knowing what my goal as a member of the church is and what I was created to do…how I can bring glory to God. We’ve been shown so much about love, which has opened my eyes to see more of the big picture. Love binds Christians together as the Body of Christ, because we have the Holy Spirit in us…the Spirit of God, who is love. We are supposed to love each other as family, to love each other deeply – to be bound by emotional love. But we are also united by ONE Spirit…we all (Christians) have the Holy Spirit in us, but it is the ONE Holy Spirit, so we are one. When Christ came to earth, He had a human body with the Holy Spirit within it, but that body is not here anymore, and we are now His physical Body with the Spirit within us. How awesome is that!
Because we are His Body, we are to continue His work here…ultimately to love all of His children in the unconditional way that He did while He carried out His ministry in flesh. We as Christians, as the Body, should show all the attributes of love as outlined in 1 Corinthians 13. It’s all really complicated. It’s so rich!, as it should be – it’s our purpose for being here! So much deep stuff is in all this…especially when you think about having the Holy Spirit in us…the same one that was there at the creation of the universe, the one that parted the Red Sea, the one that wrote all scripture through the prophets, the one that raised Jesus from the dead and brings us new life in the same way….CRAZY! And when you think about the Word of God in itself and how powerful it is…that’ll blow your mind. God’s words created everything, and the Spirit can speak the words and thoughts of God through us….wow. I’ll stop before I end up writing all night about it.
Basically, I have been growing and learning a lot lately, and I am so thankful that my friends have been there learning with me. I’m thankful that Kimmie has been a part of all this…it enriches our relationship to be edified together and to grow in love. Plus, she really needed to get plugged back into the Body. There wasn’t much opportunity where she was at her school in VA.
Besides the Bible study, God has been using us at the BCM. Change is actually starting to happen there, and the FTC is being used. I think God is using us as influences…maybe people are supposed to see our passion, or maybe just the way we love. I don’t know. But I have seen a lot of people who were stuck in routine or stagnant for other reasons become more joyful. I’ve seen less apathetic attitudes, and several people are expressing newfound hopefulness for the BCM’s ministry. God’s also been working on the Christian Faith Council (CFC).
The CFC is a meeting of leaders from the Christian organizations at Tech. In recent years, It’s just been there for the sake of routine, and not many people have participated besides to plan Thanksgiving dinner and a concert night…stuff like that. But God has given CFC a new vision for unity, and that council is really going to be used. A lot of people have been showing up to meetings, and there is a lot of hope and enthusiasm among the members. God’s doing awesome things.

He also started a new ministry through a few of us… not really a BCM thing, not a Chi Alpha thing, not even really a CFC thing…just Christians on the TTU campus. We are using the CFC as a network to get people involved in it who want to, but the purpose is just to show people on campus the love of Christ in its pure form…no strings attached, no religion, no propaganda, just unconditional love. We call it the Love Table. Basically a few students set up a table on the South Patio (popular area of campus) during “dead hour” when there are no classes and we sit there taking prayer requests, initiating conversation and relationships, giving out hugs…whatever! At some point we’ll dedicate one as a service table, just asking people what needs they have and trying to fulfill them. Christ has been moving in the Love Table already. It’s kind of a radical thing, and I like it because it’s nice to get away from all the religious bureaucracy and just simply love. That’s what Jesus did.

Aside from all this learning and serving, the fellowship among my brothers and sisters has been great. Josh, Angelica, Joel, Mark, and I have gotten into a lot of spelunking lately. Since I’ve been here, I’ve done a little bit of caving every now and then, but we’ve been on kind of a caving spike for a few weeks. I knew since I moved here that Cookeville was built over caverns, but we’ve just recently found a bunch of sinkholes that allow access to the caves under the city (usually we drive out of town to get to good caves). I’ve been learning a lot about the sport…especially that it’s a great all-season sport! It’s the same temperature in a cave all year round…most of ‘em are in the 50s. So it makes a great winter sport around here; not too many ski slopes.
My friends and I have also gotten into a little bit of amateur pyrotechnical research. Probably shouldn’t type much about that, though. Enough for this entry. It’s too long.


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