man it’s been awhile…

The reason I haven’t updated in a long time isn’t that nothing notable has happened. Rather, SO MUCH has happened that I haven’t known where to ever start. I hate to summarize the amazing things God has been doing out of fear that I will trivialize it all. But then again, it’s beneficial and encouraging to look at the big picture…how all the pieces fit together. I’ll give the basics.
Last spring, I was lead to join the BSU’s Executive Council as the Freshmen/Tranfer Council Advisor (the leader of the Freshman/Transfer council that forms in the fall semester). This summer, God told me that the FTC would be small, but passionate. He also let me know that He would be sending me a couple of close relationships…people who would encourage and challenge me to grow in my faith…Christian siblings the way they’re meant to be. He got specific and told me that one of them would be a girl (at the time, I was like, “that’s a random thing to know. why does that matter?”). Later I found out that specific little details like that were given to me for confirmation (so I’d know when these things were fulfilled).
The semester started…freshmen started rolling in. Some stayed, some didn’ usual. We had a bunch of freshmen who did stick around and get involved, which was exciting. However, when it came time for freshmen and transfers to apply for FTC, not many did. It bothered me for a while. I felt that maybe my position as FTC Advisor was going to be usless if there was no FTC, or have little impact if there were only 2 or 3 freshmen on the council. God started reminding me of what He’d told me that summer. During the first couple weeks, I met a freshman named Angelica. We clicked right away…it was weird. We don’t really have a lot in common (well, we like the same music, generally. Except for the fact that she can’t stand metal). However, every conversation we had was deep and lasted for a long time. We had a few convos that lasted for a couple hours. God showed us that our bond was divinely appointed…Angelica and I became really close very quickly. I’ve only known her since the beginning of the semester, and we really feel like siblings now. God confirmed in several ways that she was the one He told me about.
Angelica’s friendship with Josh grew the same way. Josh has been a close friend of mine for a year or so. During this time, Josh and I didn’t see each other as much as we used to (due to his work or whatever), but we got a lot closer, too. Also during this time, Angelica and I got to know Mathieu and bonded with him as well. We were all wondering what God was doing, knowing that it was divinely appointed, but not knowing what this whole thing was about.
Mathieu and Angelica joined the FTC. Mathieu is president on the council. Confirmation. We have 5 people on the FTC, and all of them are on fire for Christ.
Through a bunch of experiences together, and through studying and praying together, God has revealed His will. God has bonded us in the Holy Spirit. He is showing us what the Body of Christ is supposed to be….how we’re supposed to love, serve, and edify each other, and how we are supposed to not only BE the family of God, but to FEEL like it, too.

more later. I’ve got to go take a test, then drive to VA for Thanksgiving (which I will do a lot of!)


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