who’s got the hookup?

I love Pillar. I’ve been an AudioA fan for a long time, too. Both of them had a new album come out recently, and they’re on tour together. I found out that they’re playing in Knoxville on the 7th, but the show is sold out. So, I IMed my boy Philip over at True Artist and asked if there was a way I could get in, and he called the tour manager and got me 2 tickets at the will call. Oh yeah. Who’s got the hook-up?
This weekend my aunt Kim, my Kimmie-Jane, and I went to the Tennessee Highland games. It was pretty good, but I had more fun last year. We got there too late this time for some of the stuff we usually do. But we did make it to the sheep dog thing. Border collies are cool. I also had time to almost get myself killed by a higland cow. The dude had huge horns, but he looked slow to me, so I was surprised when he took a stab at me. Apparently they don’t like it when you try to pet their heads, which I did. So he tried to stab me, but I blocked…then his owner got pretty pissed at me.
I haven’t had any X-Men: Legends II time in a while. I need to put that in my schedule somewhere.


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