look, another update!

It’s been awhile. Things have been going well, besides the Altima dying. Yep. Earlier in the summer, my dad and I traded cars so he could get what he could out of the saturn (monetarily) and buy a truck. Well, the Altima died the other day. It needs a new engine, and the ‘rents don’t wanna pay for that. So, Kimmie took me to Nashville to get the Saturn back (oh hooray), and I’ll be driving that for….well who knows. Maybe dad will just finally GET A TRUCK!!!! and I’ll be stuck with the plastic ghetto-bucket. But I guess I should be grateful for what I have.

It’s awesome living in the same town as Kimmie-Jane again. We get to see each other every day, which is of course what I want to do for the rest of my life. So that’s good.

BSU stuff is going well, too (from my perspective) — some of the Executive Council members don’t like to show up to stuff, so some folks have been upset about that. Anyway…people have been really nice and intentional with the freshmen. FTC applications aren’t exactly going like hotcakes, though. I had to make an FTC promo video a la infomercial. It’s so bad that it’s good. Yep, lots of cheesy voiceover, black and white over-dramatizations, ninjas, bandits, etc.
Speaking of which, video stuff in general is going well. This G4 is treating me well, and I’ve been doing a lot of video stuff on it. Yay Apple! Yay Firewire! Yay Final Cut!

X-Men: Legends II comes out tomorrow. Yep, the big sleep killer. I’ve been waiting for it since I finished the first one…though I played it again for a little bit with new costumes. Marvel Nemesis also comes out. Finally, we’ll have a good Marvel 3D fighting game. Actually, I don’t think I’ve played a Marvel fighter since Marvel vs Capcom on the Dreamcast. Well, I’m assuming and hoping it’ll be good. Marvel
a la Dead Or Alive sounds promising to me, at least. I’ll rent that one to give it a test run.


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