secrets from the past…

So, thanks to facebook, I’ve recently found Mark Parsons, who was my best friend when I lived in Heidelberg. During our most recent chat, we did a little memory digging and I made a discovery. He had been hiding something from me throughout our friendship. We lived literally next door to each other, yet he managed to keep his dark secret even until now, about a decade since we parted….

12:40:27 AM chimpshrimp: and the Power Rangers toys, and all those zords, and I was always called upon to do the Bulk and Scully (sp?) music
12:40:38 AM boduke284: hahahaha
12:41:08 AM boduke284: i don’t remember making you do that but i believe it
12:41:20 AM chimpshrimp: lol, it’s funny because I secretly hated Power Rangers but I never wanted to say anything
12:41:30 AM boduke284: REALLY?!
12:41:36 AM boduke284: i never knew
12:41:36 AM chimpshrimp: lol, yes!
12:41:48 AM boduke284: MARK! AFTER ALL THESE YEARS!
12:41:52 AM chimpshrimp: oh that’s hilarious, I never thought I’d tell you
12:42:31 AM boduke284: that’s so funny
12:42:42 AM boduke284: what about crash dummies
12:42:48 AM chimpshrimp: well when your best friend gets huge Thunder-mega-zords for his birthday, you don’t go over there and say, “Dude, Power Rangers sucks”
12:43:00 AM boduke284: HAHAHA!

Now we’ve come clean and all is well. I’m inspired that he was man enough to confess.


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