camp rocks

we had our first week of camp. It was friggin awesome! The kids were really cool, and all our programs went well. and the videos were slammin – what? who said that?
anyway i’m havin a good time even though i’m really busy. i don’t get to talk to kim much, but we do what we can. she’s so supportive though. i LOVE her!
we have today off, so that’s good. we halo2ed it up earlier and it was sweet. we kinda have trouble with our internet, as the college keeps cutting it off every now and then. we’ll get it figured out soon, though. then perhaps i can be on trillian.
oh here’s a good story from the week.
so joel (@ M-FUGE Jacksonville) calls me the other day and tells me that his video producer’s dvd duplicator is messed up. apparently, he put his master in the source drawer and 4 blanks in the writers, and a few magical minutes later, he had 4 brand new snoop dogg videos. i decided to test mine. i had a different problem: my source drive didn’t even have power to it, and when the OS booted up, the third drawer popped open. i called jeff downtown to ask what to do (and also because i was curious if the snoop dogg thing was a joke or not). he said they’ll send me a new one, and that the snoop dogg thing was true. AND other locations have had the same problem! how funny is that…….besides the fact that some churches already got copies…dunno what we’re gonna do about that.
everything else is going awesome though.
more updates coming as the summer goes on


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