a whole lot has happened….

So….Jon came home on May 14. We had a huge homecoming party and we were on the local NBC channel. Lots of family action…anyway later Jon and I took a road trip to Cedar Point, which is AS FAR NORTH AS YOU CAN GET in Ohio. It was cold. However, the crowd was really small and the lines were short. We had a blast. Top Thrill Dragster: tallest and fastest roller coaster on Earth. We rode it. It was friggin scary. But it was AWESOME! Now I’m at training week for Centrifuge at Carson-Newman. My staff is really cool, and I’m on a roll with my staff intro video.
Good news:
Kimmie-Jane is moving to Cookeville in the fall to work and establish TN residency (also to be closer to me – yay!). Shout out to Matt Glass, who is getting married!!!

I know this wasn’t much of an update, but oh well I’m busy.


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