Well, I haven’t made an update in quite a while. Things that have happened since my last one….
GMA Week. I planned to go to a couple events this year, GMA Rock Night Showcase, and ERACE night. However, Rock Night was on a Sunday, and I had a test the next morning, so I skipped out to study for it. I went to ERACE night, though, and hung out with Philip and Tait. There were lots of artists playing, and it was pretty sweet. Afterward, we walked over to Rocketown, where there was another ton of artists. Peter Furler was the host! Oi.

School has been pretty much same ol’, same ol’. It’s crazy to me that the semester is already about over.

I’ve taken up guitar again, after several years of not playing it (besides messing around every now and then). I’m just kind of reteaching myself with chords and tabs and whatnot.

My school finally got facebook, and I’m addicted.

I’m getting a G4 and a flatscreen ViewSonic for free! Go LifeWay. I got the hook-up.

Also about Macs….we have some pretty cool new toys for Fuge video this year. We had Video Producers Weekend Thursday night through Sunday. We’re using Mac minis (with flat panel Dell monitors and sound systems). It’s crazy that they’re 1.4gigahertz with a gig of RAM…and they’re about the size of a personal pan pizza! We also have GarageBand and Soundtrack to use this summer. Oh yeah, and we’re all the way DVD. We’ve got 4-disc duplicators. Fun toys.

Kimmie-Jane gave me an engagement ring. It’s a silver and bronze celtic Claddagh ring. She’s so awesome!

Well I gotta go to class. More later perhaps


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