Birthday 21

Yeah so it was my birthday again. It was a pretty normal day. I got up, cooked some breakfast, went to class. Decided to finally go buy myself Halo2 (got some birthday money this weekend). I’ll be all the way live by next week when my NYKO Wireless Net Extender arrives. Anyway, I went to my 1:30pm speech class (professional communications) and got paired up and assigned a joint speech. My assigned partner and I were given one side of a case, and another pair are to support the opposition. The case is based on a real lawsuit:
“A man was invited to his parents’ house to celebrate the Fourth of July. He became intoxicated. And when one of the fireworks he brought with him to the party did not ignite, he went over to inspect it, and it exploded in his face. He sued his parents, the co-worker who sold him the fireworks and his employer.”
We have to support the stupid drunk guy. Yay. I tried to get more information on it, but after Googling around for a while, I still couldn’t find out anything else about the case. I don’t even know where it took place or when. If anyone can track down a source, let me know.
Anyway, later I came back to the house and did a little eating/studying. Then I went to the BSU and got to hang out with a few people I haven’t really talked to in a while. Several people actually remembered my birthday. Then I got some dinner and whatnot, and came back to the Stag Shack to talk to Kimmie on the phone. She went to bed, so here am I typing and trying to study for a test in accounting tomorrow.
Don’t know how to end this post, but I’ll say I’m glad I’ve lived another year and that God has taught and shown me a lot over that year. I look forward to what this one brings.


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