Thanksgiving pics

So Kimmie-Jane came down for Thanksgiving. Fun ensued. Tuesday night, we headed to Mt. Juliet and just visited my ‘rents, went to dinner (Chinese yay!) and watched TV and whatnot. On Wednesday, we played some xbox, played some cards I think, and don’t remember what else. On Thursday night we had dinner, and the next day we went to get a tree (Kimmie-Jane picked it out). We decorated it and watched a movie. Hung out again on Friday, then spent Saturday with the Elliott Clan (plus the Wolfes)and had dinner again. Great times. Here are some crappy quality pics.

The cat (Grace) was into everything this weekend:
Image Hosted by

My dad in full guerilla gear putting up lights:
Image Hosted by

Me stealing ham:
Image Hosted by

me actually helping:
Image Hosted by

dad putting lights in the tree:
Image Hosted by

Mom decorating bannister:
Image Hosted by

Us trimming the tree:
Image Hosted by

Really crappy quality picture of the living room:
Image Hosted by

Kimmie with her Mother-in-law to be:
Image Hosted by


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